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About ACDC 2024 Europe

We are excited to host this year's event in the Netherlands for the first time. 2024 is also our first ACDC industry conference, which alternates with the call for papers conference. Your insights will be invaluable to our international audience of over 150 industry delegates.

HVDC engineering managers, grid stability engineers, overhead lines lead engineers, transmission network managers, simulation specialists, researchers, lecturers and students all attend.

You can be sure that you will make the right connections for your ongoing work, as well hearing about some of the most innovative ideas taking place right now.

Theme: HVDC developments and system operation

  • Understanding the realities of HVDC system operation, tackling challenges, and learning from successful projects
  • Exploring advancements in modelling and operating future AC/DC grids, likely drawing insights from the HVDC-WISE project
  • International Project Developments
  • Exploring the latest international advancements and policy aspects in AC/DC power transmission projects

Theme: Multi-terminal HVDC

  • Navigating the complexities and opportunities of multi-terminal HVDC systems
  • Technical, policy, and legal perspectives

Theme: HVDC component advancement

  • Exploring recent advancements in HVDC components through the lens of the EU NEWGEN project
  • Focusing on improved materials, characterisation techniques, and life/reliability tools

Theme: Grid forming possibilities

  • Exploring approaches and opportunities for grid-forming in modern power systems
  • Featuring perspectives from a vendor, research centre and UK TSO

ACDC China 2024

In July 2024 we’re also hosting a call for papers edition of ACDC in Shanghai, China.

The event will offer an international platform for academic and technical sharing and discussion. Call for papers are open until 30 April 2024.

View the ACDC China 2024 conference

Who attends ACDC?

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ACDC 2024

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