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E&T is the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) award-winning magazine brand. It covers multi-disciplinary multi-sector aspects with exclusive news, features, and analysis.

Sent in print to 146,500 IET members the magazine also provides articles and up-to-the-minute news online, a daily email newsletter which is delivered to 70,000 people, white papers and webinars available to everyone covering both thought opinion style and niche technical topics.

E&T Jobs has a vibrant recruitment board and the E&T Innovation Awards celebrate our pioneers.

The Institution of Engineers in Scotland

The Institution of Engineers in Scotland (IES) is a multi-disciplinary engineering body, founded in Scotland in 1857, that provides lectures and a forum in which individuals from all engineering and related disciplines can discuss and exchange information, generate ideas and encourage young engineers. IES works to promote a wider understanding of the role of the professional engineer in society, has a keen interest in Net Zero and we have a number of power generation engineers in our membership.