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Best paper and best poster shortlist

Best paper prize:

Limitations on the Virtual Inertia Provision From Grid-Forming-Connected Renewable Energy Sources
Jaume Girona-Badia, Vinícius Albernaz Lacerda, Eduardo Prieto-Araujo, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt, CITCEA-UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Managing Harmonics and Resonances in HVDC Connected 66 kV Offshore Windfarms
Casper Karlsson, Hitachi Energy, Ludvika, Sweden

Preventive DC-Side Decoupling: A Control and Operation Concept to Limit the Impact of DC Faults in Offshore Multi-Terminal HVDC Systems
Patrick Düllmann1, Christopher Klein1, Pascal Winter2, Hendrik Köhler2, Michael Steglich2, Jan Teuwsen2, Albert Moser1, 1 RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany. 2 Amprion GmbH, Dortmund, Germany

Experimental Study on the Influence of MMC Control Design on the Propagation of AC Grid-Unbalance to A DC Network
Caspar Collins, Philip Clemow, Tim Green, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Electrical Design for the Conversion of Existing UK HVAC Overhead Lines to HVDC Operation under Severe Pollution Conditions, Ranging from 170 to 500 kV DC
Davide Pinzan1, Manu A. Haddad2, Oliver Cwikowski3, 1 WSP UK Ltd, Cardiff, United Kingdom. 2 Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom. 3 Orsted, London, United Kingdom

Increasing DC System Stability Thanks to Energy Control in MMC Based DC-DC converters
Juan Páez, Kosei Shinoda, Daniel Gómez Acero, Florent Morel, Supergrid Institute, Villeurbanne, France

Small-Signal Stability Analysis of an MMC-Based Bipolar HVDC Link in Grid-Forming Control Mode, Francesco Giacomo Puricelli1,2, Jef Beerten1,2, 1 KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. 2 EnergyVille, Genk, Belgium

Towards HVDC Interoperability - Assessing Existence of Equilibrium with Reference to Converter Terminal Behaviour
Dong Chen1, Benjamin Marshall1, Colin Foote1, Suresh Rangasamy1, Shangen Tian1,2, 1 The National HVDC Centre, Cumbernauld, United Kingdom. 2 Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom

A New Grid-stabilizing Component: A Flywheel Energy Storage System based on a Doubly Fed Induction Generator and Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter
Jonas Kienast1, Gino Sturm1, Wilfried Hofmann1, Steffen Bernet1, Martin Pieschel2, Ruediger Jansen2, Jens Rosendahl3, German Kuhn2, 1 Technical University Dresden, Dresden, Germany. 2 Siemens Energy, Erlangen, Germany. 3 Siemens Energy, Muelheim, Germany

Best poster prize

AC Power System Stability with Voltage Source Converters
Robert H. Renner, Siemens Energy, Erlangen, Germany

Comparative Research on DC Braking Choppers for VSC-HVDC with Offshore Wind Farms
Chengyi Wu1, Xiao-Ping Zhang1, Xiaoyao Zhou2, Dechao Kong2, 1 University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom. 2 National Grid ESO, Warwick, United Kingdom

Analysis and Extension of Switched Inductor and Capacitor-Based High Gain DC-DC Boost Converter with Flexible Control at Higher Gains, Atif Iqbal1, Md Samiullah2, Mohammed Al-Hitmi1, Abdulla Mohsin A B Al-Wahedi3, 1 Qatar University, Doha, Qatar. 2 Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. 3 Kahramaa, Doha, Qatar

Modelling and Evaluation of the Benefits of Coupling Wind-Solar-Coal Systems in an Annual Bilateral Trading Environment
Guoliang Bian1, Peng Liu1, Qingchun Li2, Yiqun Meng1, Chuang Liu1, Ye Zhang2, Wenjian Liu1, Miao Liu2, 1 School of Electrical Engineering, Northeast Electric Power University, Jilin, China. 2 Liaoning Power Trading Centre Ltd, Shenyang, China

A Unified Fault Analysis Framework for MMC VSC-HVDC Scheme
Li Zou, GE Grid Solutions, GE Renewable Energy, Stafford, United Kingdom

System Stress With Expanded Use of Interconnectors in the Transition to Net-Zero
Susan Scholes1, David Greenwood1, Ilias Sarantakos1, Sara Walker1, Philip Taylor2,
1 Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. 2 University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

High Gain DC-DC Switched Inductor Multilevel Boost Converter to Enable Transformer less Grid Connection for Wave Energy
Abdulrahman Alsafrani, Mahmoud Shahbazi, Alton Horsfall, Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom

Improving Resilience of Islanding Protection - Implementation of a Q-f Droop for Inverter-Based Generation
Mark Kent, Andrew Peebles, Scott Williams, Ross Hendry, Ricardo Kemp-Garcia, Adam Dysko, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Enabling the Use of Lower Current-rated SiC MOSFET Devices in Large-current Power Converters by Paralleling Multiple H-Bridges in the Sub-Modules
Chuantong Hao, Paul Judge, Stephen Finney, Michael Merlin, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Median Valve Submodule Voltage Control of MMC VSC for Energy Management Application
Kassem El Cheikh Ali, Pablo Briff, Andrzej Adamczyk, Omar Jasim, GE Renewable Energy, Stafford, United Kingdom

Frequency-Domain Component Models for HVDC Protection Studies
Mudar Abedrabbo, Willem Leterme, Dirk Van Hertem, KU Leuven/EnergyVille, Leuven/Genk, Belgium

Analysis of Impact of Large-Scale Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Generator Connected to Distribution Network on Action Characteristics of Phase Selector
Chunju Fan, Yue Huang, Guoyu Wang, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

Impedance Assessment of Offshore Wind Farms
Nikhil Sharma, Shangen Tian, Dong Chen, Ben Gomersall, Benjamin Marshall, The National HVDC Centre, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dynamic Rating of HVDC Interconnectors
Tamás Borbáth1,2, Geraint Chaffey1,2, Abhimanyu Kaushal1,2, Dirk Van Hertem1,2,
1 KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. 2 EnergyVille, Genk, Belgium

Partially Underground Transmission Circuits: Safety Issue for Current and Future Power Systems
Himanshu Negi, Andrew Leith, Arcadis, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Iterative Simulation for Protective Relays Closed Loop Testing Using EMTP-ATP and CM Engine
Renzo Fabián1,2, Paulo Godoy2, Guilherme Justino2, Jonas Pesente3,
1 Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain. 2 Itaipu Technologycal Park, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. 3 Itaipu Binacional, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Active Filter Control Based On Single-Delta Bridge-Cell Modular Multilevel Converter
Taoufik Qoria, Ibrahim Elsabrouty, Emre Durna, Matthias Ruß, Raul Santiago Munoz Aguilar, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Regensburg, Germany

Multi-port Modular Multilevel Converters for the Supply of the Future Circular Collider Two-Stage Klystrons
Manuel Colmenero1, Ricrdo Vidal-Albalate2, Francisco Rafael Blanquez Delgado1, Ramon Blasco-Gimenez3, 1 CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. 2 University Jaume I of Castellon, Castellon, Spain. 3 Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Economic Value of Inertia Support From HVDC System
Abhimanyu Kaushal, Hakan Ergun, Dirk Van Hertem, KU Leuven ESAT - ELECTA, Leuven, Belgium